Chi-Town Men


M E E T  G R A H A M! Graham graduated from DePaul University with degrees in Political Science and International Studies. Graham currently works as a paralegal at Fragomen – an international law firm. Here is Graham’s typical weekend look for a casual day of hanging out with friends:

T-Shirt: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Pants: Denim Co. Dublin

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

“Although I have my own personal style, I love taking notes on what my friends wear and I often let them inspire my outfits.”


img_4508img_4545img_4556img_4527img_4547img_4538img_4516M E E T  A L I ! Ali goes to the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) his major is the Teaching of History. Here’s what a typical fall outfit for Ali looks like:

Sweater: Gap

Pants: Asos

Shoes: Aldo

Watch: Tissot

Pin: Vintage family heirloom

“I like to work with a bunch of pieces that make an outfit unique. You can simply buy the outfit a mannequin is wearing but it’s not unique. Your outfit should shout out who you are.”


IMG_2151IMG_2132img_2143img_2128IMG_2153M E E T  D A N I S H ! Danish  is currently an MIS major/Marketing minor at DePaul University. He also works for Sarar, the popular menswear store. For a professional event such as a meeting or interview, Danish would wear these pieces:

Suit – Sarar

Tie – Sarar

Shirt – Zara

Watch – Burberry

Socks – Sarar

Shoes – Sarar

“The way you dress can always give you the keys to success and the ability to impress”


M E E T  M Y L E S !
Myles is a Hospitality Leadership Major at DePaul University, check out how he dresses on a casual day out in the city:

Overcoat – Forever 21 Men

Jacket – ASOS

Shirt – Old Navy

Pants – Hot Topic

Shoes – Target

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you what or what not to wear; fashion is about looking good and feeling fine for yourself”



M E E T  J A R E D! Jared is a Communications and Digital Cinema major at DePaul University, for a typical fall day Jared would wear the following:

Sweater- Calvin Klein

Shirt- Ralph Lauren

Pants- Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes- Ralph Lauren

Watch- Burberry

Jacket- Zara

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

“Fashion doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it has to be significant”


IMG_1604IMG_1585shoesIMG_1598 (2)IMG_1582IMG_1564

M E E T  D A N ! This 24 year old loves to dress for success and shared his work style with us. For a casual work environment, Dan has chosen the following pieces:

Sweater: Billy Reid

Pants: H&M

Watch: Bulova

Sunglasses: Persol

Messenger Bag: Cole Haan

Boots: Allen Edmonds

“Classy is a 24/7 kind of tradition”


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