Street Chic

This post is a little different and a little less feminine than my usual looks, but I am extremely excited to share it! I have always been a fan of street style and creating more athletic/casual outfits that are comfortable/wearable. The statement piece of this outfit is really just the pinstripe pants, which are essentially just a pair of fancy sweatpants. I love the yellow stripe down the side since it gives the entire outfit a pop of color. Since it is FREEZING cold in Chicago I had to pair the look with a full sleeve black top, some grey wool socks, my puffy jacket, and my adidas (which need to be cleaned). I also added my black purse and some gold hoops to add a feminine touch. The fur on the ends of my sleeves also adds an additional feminine touch which makes this look a little more unique to my own personal style. Although I do love and appreciate street styles, my everyday wardrobe doesn’t always consist of something like this. I also want to thank my friend Saloni for taking these pictures, and I definitely want people to check out her photography instagram page @saloniphoto ! Saloni is incredibly talented and has a unique way of taking pictures and editing, you will not regret checking out her amazing work. 🙂


Steal the Look:

Top – Zara

Pants – Zara

Jacket – Zara

Socks – Target

Shoes – Adidas

Purse – Aldo

Earrings – Boutique in Brooklyn

Location Deets:

Nichols Bridgeway – Chicago, IL



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