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Happy New Year lovelies! I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in constant self improvement, reflection, and doing what makes you happy. I love exploring different styles and letting my personal style evolve as I grow older. I recently turned 23 (woo) and have taken some time to reflect on how my style an changed since we began Chi-Town CHIC, almost three years ago. The pieces I choose have definitely become more mature, without sacrificing the cuts that make me happy. This look is icy and sophisticated, but the denim gives it a more laid back feel. The top is a shirt dress and I enjoyed dabbling with the whole “dress+jeans” combo; I think there are definitely ways to make this trend work with different pieces! I added a comfy oversized coat, because WOW was it cold. I went for heels, but I think booties would be a great choice as well. Don’t be afraid to let your style evolve and, most importantly, wear what makes you happy always!


Steal the Look:

Coat, Shirt Dress, Jeans: Epic Zara Sale

Heels: Shoedazzle

Watch: Paisley Walker

Ring: Shop in Greece

Earrings: Gift from Pakistan

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