Pop of Color Chic


This look is a casual winter outfit that would be perfect for a day of hanging out with friends or family. Personally I feel as though this look exemplifies my overall style. I always start my outfits with the basics – here it’s some blue denim jeans, a white turtleneck sweater, and some black booties. The tan jacket is also a staple piece that goes with most of my neutral outfits. But to add some color and a unique touch to this look, I decided to wear some bright lipstick and a bright embroidered purse from Pakistan to make it stand out. I love wearing a standard outfit and adding one piece of Pakistani jewelry or an accessory. I think it’s a great way to appreciate both American fashion, as well as Pakistani fashion. I hope this look inspires some of you to do the same!


Steal the Look:

Turtleneck – Ralph Lauren

Jeans – Gap

Jacket – Zara

Booties – Cole Haan

Purse – Bought in Karachi, Pakistan

Location Deets:

Armitage Brown Line – Chicago, IL


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