Chicago Spring Chic


Here in Chicago the weather keeps trying to get warmer and sunnier, but we’re just not quite there yet! That’s why my casual outfit for the “Chicago Spring” consists of some jeans, a sweater, and my favorite sneakers. Just because spring is around the corner, doesn’t mean we have to stop wearing black, or stop wearing turtlenecks. This outfit is my go to for any season, and once it’s warmer out you can replace the black turtle neck with a black t-shirt for a simple everyday summer outfit. Black, white, and blue denim is a timeless combination that works during every time of the year. I’m also a huge fan of the ripped knee denim trend that everyone has been incorporating into their style. It’s a small detail that adds a lot more fun and dimension to the simple outfit. The jeans and my black bucket bag are two essentials for the spring time, the two items will go with virtually any shoe and shirt combo, keeping the outfit hip and trendy! There’s not much to this outfit but it’s a part of my daily style and is something I can wear to school, to hang out with friends and family, or just a casual day out in the city. As the weather improves, we hope to bring more fun and unique styles to the blog!


Steal The Look:

Turtleneck: Akira

Jeans: Akira

Shoes: Adidas

Purse: Zara

Location Deets:

Lincoln Park, Chicago

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