Overcoat CHIC



Long time no see! It’s great to be posting again and today’s look is one of my favorites. It has really muted colors, but makes a statement with a patterned overcoat. I’m wearing a ribbed, green crop top with a turtleneck. I’m loving that the turtleneck trend is making a comeback, so two thumbs up for that. I wore high-waisted, black jeans to meet the crop top halfway. The coat itself has an interesting black and white pattern that brings the whole look to life. I contrasted the muted tones in the look with a copper-toned, statement necklace. The shine of the necklace really gave the look another dimension and amped it up. It’s a very effortless outfit that has a lot of contrast going on, but as long as you find a way to strike a balance, you will make a statement!


The Lowdown:

Crop top: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Forever 21

**Will update the rest when I remember**

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