Black&White Chic

IMG_2846IMG_2833IMG_2828IMG_2835IMG_2826IMG_2825IMG_2827IMG_2840This look is something that I like wearing on a casual winter day out or even for school and work. It’s extremely versatile and contains some of my favorite staples for my everyday wardrobe. The flowy black and white turtle neck is a great piece that you can use to either dress an outfit up, or down. I chose a more casual route and paired it with some dark blue denim, and some all white Adidas sneakers. I really like pairing sneakers with skinny jeans, but making sure to cuff the bottoms and having a nice pair of socks to go with it. This trend is inspired by menswear but is becoming a lot more common for women as well. The cuffed ankle jean look is far more appealing than wearing full length jeans and it’s a great way to bring focus to your shoes and socks. I’ve even noticed some fashion bloggers sporting socks with heels, and cuffed pants. I love that it’s the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity within one look. To top it off I added a thick oversize grey wool coat just to keep warm and add more dimension to the entire outfit. I wanted to stick to black, white, and grey for most of the pieces, just because those colors always compliment each other, and never feel too busy or chaotic. Sticking to a neutral color pallete is often one of the best ways to achieve a casual yet sophisticated look. I also accessorized with a silver watch and purse, staying away from anything gold since it would throw the colors off. Overall I love this look for it’s versatility, I could wear this outfit in different variations everyday, and be completely satisfied with my wardrobe!


Steal the Look:

Shirt – Zara

Jeans – Zara

Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Adidas

Purse – Rebecca Minkoff

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Location Deets:

Lincoln Park, Chicago

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