Night Out CHIC


With a great leather jacket, comes great responsibility…actually though. Leather is a very powerful force that has the ability to amp up any outfit. It can edge up your look and adds an interesting texture element that switches it up from your typical denim or cotton favorites. This particular jacket is my go-to, because it embodies a little bit of both. It’s leather-vested, cotton down the sleeves, and is simply a staple in my wardrobe. I kept it simple with a gray top and black jeans, because I wanted my accessories to be accentuated. I contrasted the entire look with a bright red clutch and complimented it with a turquoise-stoned bracelet; it’s gorgeous and is quickly becoming a favorite. I kept with the gold theme and pulled one side of my hair back to reveal my pearl cuffed-earring. This type of earring is really trending at the moment and I gotta say I’m a huge fan. Frankly, it’s just an insanely cool concept and I think it adds something different and intriguing to a fairly simple outfit. Finally, I gave myself some height with my black wedged-booties, creating a streamlined, black look. I hope you guys enjoyed my take on dressing up for a night out and may the fashion “force be with you” (because why not sprinkle some fashion dust on a Star Wars quote when I’ve already referenced Spiderman??).

Buh bye for now


The Lowdown:

Jacket: Alfani

Jean: Charlotte Russe

Booties: H&M

Clutch: Charming Charlie

Bracelet: Charming Carlie

Top: Forever 21

Ear cuff: H&M

Where Am I?

Seminary Ave., Chicago.

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