Autumn CHIC


It’s happening ladies and gents!! BTW, FYI, SOS – It is officially autumn; that majestic, magical season full of colors and comfort and general pleasantness. But, as beautiful as fall is, it is infamous for being painfully short, sooo I plan to milk it for all it’s worth. For my first fall look, I chose to warm things up with a statement sweater. It’s perfect for the breezy weather and the aztec-y pattern is very fall appropriate. For daytime I wore a loose, white shirt under my sweater, but for nighttime I would probably go for something black and fitted. I chose high-waisted, skinny jeans and broke out my favorite pair of fall booties <3. Just on a side brought me an immense amount of joy to dig into my fall shoe collection. I’m sure some of you can relate to this momentous occasion. Getting back to the outfit though — accessories! I wore a long necklace this time around, which has a really cool vintage vibe to it. The ring I chose has a beautiful pop of turquoise, which compliments the sweater and gives it a little something extra. I really hope you all enjoyed our first post of fall and got some ideas for this much-awaited season.

Until next time….


The Lowdown:

Sweater: Charming Charlie

Shirt: freebird

Jeans: Refuge

Booties: Charming Charlie

Necklace: Thrift store

Ring: Macy’s (Thanks mom!)

Where Am I?:

Rooftop of a parking garage on DePaul Lincoln Park Campus

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