Safari CHIC


This look is great for sunny summer adventures, when I am tempted to live in the lazy uniform of leggings and an ugly t-shirt. It’s a safari-esque outfit that puts comfort first, while still looking cute! Although I haven’t been lucky enough to explore in a safari, (this is Naperville folks) I did bring this outfit for my vacation in Montreal. The main piece of this look is the long, tribal print kimono which is the perfect light-weight fashion staple for the summer. Kimonos are a stylish way to layer even in hot weather… us Chicagoans have grown very accustomed to dressing in layers year round. It adds length and dimension to any simple outfit, which is exactly what I was going for in this look. Also, what seems like a t-shirt tucked into the boyfriend jeans, is actually a t-shirt dress… never underestimate the power of H&M basics! Boyfriend jeans are the ideal form of denim for the summer. They are loose, comfy, and make you feel like DJ Tanner from Full House, who wouldn’t want that? I accessorized this outfit with a small, tan sun hat and a chunky gold and white statement necklace; these are both pieces that can be modified to fit your taste. Lastly, I paired everything with chunky black and gold sandals that are surprisingly comfortable. That way you can add some height to your look without feeling like your toes are suffocating. Overall, this look combines multiple summer staples while still remaining comfortable and of course, CHIC.


Steal the Look:

Hat – Charming Charlie

T-shirt Dress – H&M

Necklace – Forever 21

Kimono – Akira

Jeans – Gap

Shoes – Steve Madden

Location Deets:

These photos were taken at a bridge that was built over Route 59, Laraib and I had a fun time having a little photoshoot here because it’s located right next to the high school that we went to. Although we want to walk you through our journey at DePaul University, we can’t forget what got us there in the first place!

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