Ethereal CHIC

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So, just between you and me (and my checking account), I have a very real shoe obsession. But as much as I love boots and flats and pumps and sandals, I have always wished there was a way to wear wedges all year round. Living in Chicago; however, wedges + icy winter conditions = me crashing to the ground a lot more than usual. Fortunately, summer is the season to rock wedges and this cut-out pair goes perfectly with my ethereal look. This flowy white top with sheer lace-detailing is ideal for a hot summer day. I paired it with light-washed, cuffed jeans to keep the look light and airy. When it came to accessorize this outfit, I knew I wanted to add some simple touches that would give more of a “festival vibe.” I put on a gold headband and used a couple bobby pins to keep it secure all day. I added some color by throwing on some dangly earrings with gold accents. My neutral-toned wallet features my favorite animal; I swear elephants were my favorite before the “hipster-elephant-revival,” which I easily embraced. All that, plus one of my favorite rings, and I was good to go. I am the first to say that I am someone that unapologetically rocks black all-year-round, but I really embraced summer and channeled the lightness of it in this look. I hope it inspires your next summer outfit!


The Lowdown:

Top: Macy’s

Jeans: A’gaci

Wedges: Target

Wallet: A’gaci

Earrings: Charming Charlie

Headband: Akira

Ring: Charming Charlie

Where am I?

We took these photos in a local forest preserve. It was great to take advantage of the beautiful weather that day and get a little taste of nature…not too much though haha

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